Kathy bennen

Kathy Bennen

Registered Office Associate, RJFS

Phone: 612.315.2423 
Fax: 612.315.2414 
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“I enjoy working with a group of professionals dedicated to serving our clients the same way we’d serve our own families.”

Kathy first joined Birch Cove Group in January of 2016 in the role of Executive Assistant. Looking to spend more time with her family, she transitioned to a part-time position working as an assistant to Mitch Griep. As a part of Mitch’s team she works to provide an excellent customer experience by scheduling quarterly reviews, insures information on accounts is up to date and in compliance and assists with special projects. Kathy has 20 years of experience in the Financial Industry and has worked with many advisors in similar roles. She is excited to use her extensive experience to help Mitch look after his clients and grow his business.

Kathy recently welcomed a new Doxie puppy named Hank to her family. Along with her husband and 4 step children they spend most of their free time taking walks around Lake Nokomis, enjoying homemade pizza on movie nights and most recently learning the fine art of puppy training.