Why We Are Unique
Why We’re Different

Understanding comes first.

What separates Birch Cove Group from other financial advisors is simple:
we know our clients. We know your point of view, your priorities, your top
concerns. Developing this knowledge takes time, and we believe it’s a worthy
investment. Here’s why:

In 2008, Birch Cove Group founders Robert Bjork and Michael Brown became
deeply dissatisfied with the financial industry’s response to the economic
downturn. Specifically, we felt advisors weren’t doing enough to answer clients’
questions and restore their confidence.

This realization drove us to create Birch Cove Group. We wanted to understand
clients first, then collaborate to develop the right strategy. More than anything,
we wanted to provide a more personalized experience — one that helps every
client make sound decisions with confidence.

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“Nobody cares how much you
know, until they know how
much you care.”
— Theodore Roosevelt