Investment Consulting
Investment Consulting

Preserve your capital.

We believe that wealth preservation means much more than keeping what you have and finding new ways to enhance it. Wealth preservation means freedom — to do what you want to do, and to live the life you envision for yourself. However you define it, financial freedom comes from incisive investment consulting that aligns with your personal goals, time frame and tolerance for risk.
Birch Cove Group delivers innovative investment management that is custom-tailored to a comprehensive wealth management effort. What most differentiates our approach is a firm belief that you should be compensated for the risk you take.
To this end, we evaluate and manage market risk and return through asset allocation, using forward-looking assumptions designed to maximize potential return at the level of risk you choose. We believe skilled fund managers should generate alpha (risk adjusted performance) in any market, and we expect high-alpha portfolios to provide incremental returns when the market rises and reduce the downside during declines. We also favor risk budgeting, a practice that separates the risk in a portfolio into its constituent components in order to manage total risk more effectively.

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“The essence of investment
management is the
management of risks,
not management of returns.
Well-managed portfolios
start with this precept.”
— Benjamin Graham